Marble Countertops in DFW

Marble is made from superheated limestone, and creates a classic, elegant and timeless look for countertops.
It is a natural stone, and contains a high concentration of calcite or dolomite.

The veining and color of the marble will vary depending on the different minerals present.
Marble quarried from different parts of the world will have a variety of appearances. There are also different finish options, such as honed or matte, leather, and polished. 

Marble Counterops - White Bathroom Sink Countertop

Marble Kitchen Countertops in Dallas-Fort Worth

Marble is often not recommended for kitchen use, as it very porous and allows liquids such as oil and wine to penetrate rather quickly.
Once absorbed, they can be difficult to remove.

Marble is also not the most durable material for countertops, and is more likely to develop scratches, stains, chips, and cracks than other countertop types.
Fortunately, there are sealers available that you can install every few years which will help combat these problems. 

Marble Kitchen Countertops - Modern Kitchen

Cultured Marble Countertops in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you want the look of marble countertops but with more durability, then you might be interested in “cultured marble” countertops.
It’s engineered by combining the stone with resins and pigments, cast into a mold, highly pressurized, and then formed into an end product much stronger than natural marble.

Although you will be sacrificing the original integrity of the stone, which may be apparent in some cases, you will still get the beautiful marbling effect and have a wider range of options in appearance. 

Cultured Marble Countertops - White Bathroom Sink

White Marble Countertops in Dallas-Fort Worth

White marble countertops are a popular choice for homeowners.
They are a natural material and have a clean, bright, classic look.

There are advantages to choosing white; for example, acid-etching is more apparent on dark colors.
However, they do require a certain level of maintenance, as they will still get some scratches and stains. 

White Marble Countertops - White Surface

Marble Countertops Cost in Dallas-Fort Worth

Marble can be very expensive, but some of the most common types are affordable.
Carrara marble, for example, is actually one of the least expensive natural countertops.

That being said, many marble types are pricey.
While you can find low-end marbles for only $50 per square foot, the wide range in costs can go all the way up to $180 per square foot for more high-end material.