Best Granite Countertops

We are direct importers of Granite, Marble and Quartz Slabs and offer hundreds of 3cm (1.25 inches) and 2cm (0.75 inches) thick Slabs including beautiful Exotic and Basic Colors. A Best Kitchen DFW Countertop specialist will complete the fabrication and installation of your selection. Because we import our own slabs and do not buy anything locally, we are able to offer you a discounted, factory-direct price.

Granite Countertops in Dallas-Fort Worth

Granite countertops are made out of natural rock composed of 20-60% quartz, mica, and approximately 35% feldspar.
Due to the quartz component, they are very durable as well as being very smooth.

They also strong, hard and heat-resistant.
Nevertheless, granite needs to be sealed and protected from harsh chemicals and stains as it can be cracked, broken or chipped.
When buying granite countertops, select slabs from the same stop to ensure uniformity. 

Granite Countertops - Kitchen With Flowers


Granite Countertops Colors in Dallas-Fort Worth

Granite countertops come in a dazzling variations of colors and shades including black, beige, white, red and blue.
The color variation is the result of the different minerals that make up granite.

White granite comes as a result of quartz and feldspar, black from quartz and gabbro.
Pink is from potassium feldspar, red from pink potassium feldspar, while black and white is derived from quartz, feldspar and amphibole. 

Granite Countertops Colors - Granite Samples

Santa Cecilia Granite in Dallas-Fort Worth

Santa Cecilia granite is one of the oldest stones and the most famous granite design. This granite originates from the mines and quarries of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It was named after St. Cecilia, the patroness of beautiful music, because of its beauty.
It is famous for its soft beige color, with a mixture of gold, yellow and burgundy. Santa Cecilia is very durable but needs sealing to keep it in good condition. 

Santa Cecilia Granite - Kitchen Countertop

White Granite Countertops in Dallas-Fort Worth

White granite countertops are made up of quartz and feldspar minerals.
The mineral combination gives them a dazzling aesthetic making them some of the most popular kitchen countertops in the world.

White granite countertops are very durable, luxurious, and a top choice for traditional kitchens.
They give kitchens a brighter, airy feel. White granite countertops are good for busy kitchens as they hide spots. 

White Granite Countertops - White Kitchen

Granite Countertop Costs in Dallas-Fort Worth

Granite countertops costs vary.
For slab granite countertops, you could spend anywhere between $40 and $60 per square meter.

You can get granite tiles from $5 to $15 per square meter.
Average spend is about $3000 for countertop installation and $3100 for granite installation.
Prices will also vary depending on color; the more unique the stone, the higher the cost.


Extraordinary Service

Once you place an order, our template specialist creates an exact pattern of your counters. Each counter is cut and fabricated by an experienced professional. Every detail, sink cutout and edge is fabricated and polished to perfection; whether it is a kitchen, vanity, jacuzzi or a fire place.

Our crew of installers have years of experience in all the fine techniques of granite installation. Starting with The Joint (Seam), the mounting of the sink and the drilling of faucet holes, our installers leave the job site clean and the client satisfied. Period.

We also install granite and tile back splash.

We guarantee the highest level of quality for our product and service as well as very competitive pricing. Please consider us for all your stone needs.


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